The old man said to me, said don't always take life so seriously…

So, a new sparkly look for the ol’ blog. I spent hours on Sunday mucking around with various themes and bits of style sheet hackery, most of which plain didn’t work. Then found this theme, which I mostly like. Still need to get something to replace the default clouds, though.
I’ve also been busy writing things, as is my usual profession. Firstly, an oft-delayed review of a photo frame that hit a rather unusual and unique… snag.
Kogan Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame: “We also hit a rather unique snag with the photo frame when it came time to return it…”
And then back into the rather familiar world of Apple, and a welcome return to me writing about one of my cats. So far, they’ve appeared in PC Authority, Australian Macworld and Atomic, and now I can add MacTheMag to that esteemed list:
MacTheBlog: Is a new cat the answer?I have a terrible track record with operating systems. Or really bad impulses. Quite possibly both, now that I come to think of it…”

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