Tech Trends & Spyware Surprises

Another week kicks off. I can’t seem to stop that happening.
First cab off the ranks this week is my Geekspeak column, which uses the Samsung Keylogger scandal (which wasn’t a scandal at all) to discuss the issue of preinstalled software generally:
What’s preinstalled on your PC?Do you use all or any of the preinstalled applications on your PC, or uninstall all of them and start with a fresh PC every single time?”
And then, jumping forward into the future (ever so slightly), the May issue of PC & Tech Authority features my contributions towards the cover story, which looks at this year’s 10 hottest technologies. I’ve contributed thoughts on NFC and Battery Technologies, with a slew of other expert opinions offering plenty of insight. It’ll go on sale, so the on-sale fairies tell me, on the 6th of April.

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