Surface Tension

Every time a technology company launches a new tablet product, it inevitably gets compared to Apple’s iPad. Hey, somebody’s got to do it…

In the case of Microsoft’s “reveal” of its Surface tablet, that somebody would be me, and the venue in this case would be the ABC’s Technology+Games portal. I rather like what Microsoft’s aiming at with Surface, although I can’t help but think that if I was a third party OEM, I’d be rather ticked off with Redmond right now.
Is Microsoft reaching too far with iPad-clone, Surface? “Surface used to be a business-centric interactive table that Microsoft sold for many thousands of dollars. Today the brand has been re-imagined as Microsoft’s own in-house attempt at taking on the iPad juggernaut. Can it succeed?”
OK, Daryl Hall has nothing to do with Surface as far as I know; it just happened to be what was playing on iTunes as I wrote this. So it gets a run here too.

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