Son, as your lawyer, I declare y'all are in a 12-piece bucket o' trouble.

Why does Monday morning keep rolling around? Couldn’t it just, for once, keep itself to itself?
I guess if the LHC does go awry, it might well do, were that not largely poppycock. Oh well.
Recent illnesses have put me behind the self-promotion ball, something that needs correction right away. If not sooner. Except that, well, I’d need some kind of time machine to manage that kind of thing, and I’m somewhat lacking in that regard, consarn it. Consarn. There’s a word you don’t hear very much any more. Why, yes, I am rambling. On with the catchup show!
At Australian Macworld, I completely forgot to point out that I was recently a talking head:
Episode 36 — The Unhappy Episode: “MJCP croaks to Alek Kidman and Danny Gorog about future Macs and iPhones and whether touch screens will take off. Also: strategies for taking care of valuable media, getting out of a telco contract, and avoiding having your car nicked.”
(you could also subscribe via iTunes for iPod-delivered Alex style goodness. Apparently it’s what all the young people do these days.)
It seems I can’t escape the Apple beat for long, if at all. For example, at
iTunes 8: “It’s been a long wait in-between full versions of iTunes, and while iTunes 8 doesn’t really offer any truly revolutionary features, it’s still a fine music library manager. Just don’t get sucked into too many purchases from the Genius Sidebar.”
And to finally prove the theory, a pair of news articles for PC Authority. See if you can spot the recurring theme!
Apple releases iPhone 2.1, hackers release new pwnage tools: “Well, that didn’t take very long at all, did it? Jailbreak hacks are already here for iPhone 2.1, if you’re willing to risk it.”
Internode offers free WiFi for iPhone 3G users, but for how long? “Today’s Internode announcement that iPhone 3G users, on any network, are free to use their Wireless Hotspots, comes with a twist.”

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