Somewhere here on Earth…

It’s late, I’m tired, and all my funny has been used up (or drained out) by the kids.
Still, even though the newsagent’s is closed right now (as I’m writing this) it’s more than likely open right now-in-the-future (when you’re reading this). Which means two things — firstly, I’m speaking to you from the past. Spooky, or what?*Macworld
Secondly, it means that you’re mere moments away from being able to head to your local emporium of fine printed products, where you can hand over a very affordable $6.95 (or live chickens, if they accept them — but most don’t) for the October 2007 issue of Australian Macworld Magazine. Head to page 82 for my latest opinion column, this month with a decidedly green theme — 47 things to do with a non-recyclable iMac. Some of which I’m sure people are already are doing, and several of which I’m sure nobody is doing — yet.
OK, you can go now. The magazines aren’t going to buy themselves, you know. Although if they did…
(Alex was last seen running in the direction of the patent office screaming “Rich! I’ll be RICH, I tells ya! And they said I was crrrrrazyy!”)

*Definitely ‘What’. Or perhaps ‘Meh’.

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