One more thing…

Well, Steve Jobs didn’t bother doing one, but I am, even if I am now in chilly Calgary enjoying some time with relatives. Actually, it’s not one more thing — it’s three.
Part the first is at
Macbook Air: Apple drops another product: “Walking past the massive Apple booth at the Macworld 2008 conference, every couple of seconds I’d hear a different American accent cooing or squealing “It’s so thiiiin!”
Part the second is at
Let the games begin! “Going back a little further in Apple’s history, there were titles like Karateka and B.C’s Quest For Tires. Stop giggling in the back there, or I’ll thwack you with my old-man stick … if I can remember where I left it.”
Remember that verb shortage I alluded to in my previous post? Well, it must have struck pretty badly, because part the third isn’t a written story at all — it’s a special, Macworld Expo edition of the Australian Macworld Podcast:
Australian Macworld Expo Edition Podcast: “MJCP, Alex Kidman and Martin Levins ruminate on the keynote address, technological trickery and just how hot is Air?” 
Right. That’s your lot. I’m off to that soft, long thing that you.. y’know… rest on. Ah. Yes. A bed. I’d quite forgotten what one was like…

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