Never touch that switch…

I’m somewhat surprised that there isn’t smoke coming off my fingers right now — I’ve been a very, very busy little journo over the past twenty four hours. To just pick one, the following stories went live yesterday at
Why does Apple hate iPod Touch owners? “Now, it’s not unusual for a company to charge for software — in fact, there’s a whole economy based around it — but the iPod Touch software “upgrade” leaves a bad taste in my mouth…”
Accessories build success for Apple: “How do you know when an Apple product has been a resounding success?”
While I didn’t write it yesterday, the following feature also went live yesterday. But in an odd San Francisco-related note, it was co-authored with another journalist who happens to be in San Francisco right now:
¬†Ditch The Disc: A guide to online music and videos in Australia: “So you’ve sprung for a hot new MP3 player, or have set up a media player in your home. You’ve admired its glossy looks, digitised your music and video collection, and created themed playlists for dancing down the street. Now it’s time to take the next step — time to ditch the discs and get into buying media online.”
And there’s still more to come, Internet access notwithstanding.

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