Mobile Broadband, iPod Docks, Hack Attacks & Genuine On-The-Road Testing

I’m all over the August issue of Australian PC User. And, as it turns out, all over the road this week.
The August issue of PC User Magazine should be on sale by the time you read this (unless you’re reading it from 2015; I can’t cover every eventuality, people!). Within its pages you’ll find me back on the road, testing mobile broadband services from Telstra, VividWireless, Vodafone, Three, Virgin and Optus, with a special focus on the devices each carrier offers, as well as the performance you can expect to get.
I’ve also thrown an iPod (in some cases literally) at 15 different iPod Speaker dock options, as well as examining Windows Explorer replacements, RIM’s ultra-sexy Blackberry Playbook and the Move-Enabled SOCOM: Special Forces.
Speaking of on-the-road testing, that also became the focus of this week’s Hydrapinion column, where I turned a lengthy road trip into an opportunity to test on-the-road gadgets:
On the road… again: “I just flew into Sydney from Adelaide, and boy are my arms tired*.
OK, that’s only partially true. I am quite tired, but I didn’t fly. I drove.”
Finally, over at Geekspeak, I’ve run through some simple tips that end-users can use to protect themselves from hackers. Or crackers. Or “the bad guys generally, no matter what name you call them” anyway.
Can You Protect Yourself From Hack Attacks? “Here’s three simple steps that every single Internet user should follow to help both themselves and the security of the Web as a whole.”

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