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Having spent most of last week in Adelaide (or en route to and from Adelaide, as followers of my Twitter stream might have been able to work out), I haven’t updated with all of last week’s published works. There were, to put it mildly, a few articles going up while I was heading west.
First up, a new head of mine sprouts as I join Hydrapinion, penning a weekly gadgets column. This week spins off my recent Hong Kong Printer trip into a discussion on smartphones and icecream:
Hydrapinion: Are we smart enough for a smartphone world? “A phone made of Ice Cream would have its melting problems, to be sure, but retailers would love all the repeat customers.”
Keeping with the theme of using recent launches to write columns, last week’s Geekspeak was also rather printer-centric:
Geekspeak: Making The Most Of Your Printer: “Putting it simply, printing is sadly boring stuff, and something that most of us don’t care about a jot up until the printer jams or runs out of ink or toner.”
At CNET, I shifted away from printers into the world of iPod AV docks:
Pioneer XW-NAV1: “Pioneer’s NAV1 might have a silly, Avatar-esque name, but the design is straight out of the ordinary iPod Dock Designer’s Handbook, 2010 edition.”
At PC Authority, the latest (or is it late?) system to fall under my Vintage Tech gaze was the ZX Spectrum:
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the ZX Spectrum: “We were particularly impressed by this rather astonishing bit of code, which makes the Spectrum Twitter-compatible.”
And then finally a hearty four reviews at MacTheReviews:
LogMeIn Ignition: “The iPad client — and it’s a universal app, so if you’ve already purchased the iPhone client you’ll automatically qualify for it — is another kind of critter entirely…”
Marvel Comics/Comics: “The status of the iPad as an ebook reader is well understood, but when you say ebook, most people tend to think “Pride & Prejudice” a lot sooner than, say, “Power Man & Iron Fist”.”
iPad Keyboard Dock: “I’m not what could be called the greatest fan of Apple’s peripherals. Within a desktop metaphor, I’ve long held that while Apple’s keyboards are technically functional and certainly aesthetically pleasing, they’re outclassed by the competition.”
The Orange Box: “The Orange Box still represents value for money even though its components are a touch on the older side.”

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