It's as easy as Pi…

It always bothered me that the Master said that. It indicated that the Gallifreyans, an ancient race, used classical Greek letters. And what’s more, they used them to describe particular bits of mathematical theory  in exactly the same way that the human race would, billions of galaxies away.
And if you understood all that, congratulations. You’re as big a geek as I am.
iPhone owning geeks my age let out little squeaks of joy this week with the announcement of the release of a C64 iPhone emulator via the iTunes App store. A little too excited, as it turns out. I’ve weighed in with my opinion of matters at MacTheBlog:
MacTheBlog: The 64k Question: “Realistically, you’re going to be of a certain age — thirty or above, mostly — to be interested in Manomio’s Commodore 64 emulator at all. I would throw up an iTunes store link for your enjoyment if that describes you, but I can’t, as Apple’s withdrawn it from sale almost as soon as it went up.”
I’m also throughout the October 2009 issue of Australian PC User, in various guises. With my Test Bench hat on, I’ve reviewed the HP 2309M monitor. With my Cool & New hat on (because I count as both, I guess), I’ve reviewed the Kogan Blu-Ray Player 2.0, Nokia’s N97 smartphone, HTC’s Touch Pro 2 and the Targus APV11AU, AKA “The Electric Coffee Cup Of Death”. Finally, with my sports gamer’s hat on, I’ve reviewed The Bigs 2 and Fight Night Round 4. The October issue of PC User should be in stores now. Well, not all stores. Those that sell magazines, mostly, and presumably doctor’s waiting rooms in about eleven years time. I wouldn’t wait if I were you.

3 thoughts on “It's as easy as Pi…”

  1. Assuming circles have the same properties everywhere in the universe, then the value of Pi is going to be constant. Unless, of course, your name is Bloody Stupid Johnson and you devise a cog whose diameter/radius ratio is precisely 3.
    Other than that then we’ll just have to say it was the TARDIS effect of universal translation working for us all.
    Honestly, we just need more radishes.

  2. It wasn’t the problem of the ratio (whatever it may be; I’m a words, not numbers kind of guy) being constant. That makes enough sense to me. It was using a particular term to describe it that happens (somehow) to be a universal constant and terrible pun.
    I’m giving the Master a 3/10 for the pun. Must try harder.

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