It's a brand new day, and the sun is high, all the birds are singing…

Ooh.. something new to promote, featuring a rich trove of my own dutifully handwritten content!*MacTheMag1
The new thing in this case is MacTheMag issue one, the brainchild of the exceedingly brainy Matthew Powell (seriously — don’t argue with this man about anything trivial except professional wrestling. It’s his one hidden trivia weakness. Otherwise, an impeccable brain.. anyway..). It’s full of reviews, tips, tricks and tablet Macs (no, really!). And the best part of all? It’s 100% free.
Head over to MacTheMag and read issue one (and sign up for a subscription now!)
Now, back to my own self-promotion, which has to do with exactly the same thing I was talking about up there, namely MacTheMag. Within its beautifully bound pages (if you print it out and bind it yourself, that is), you’ll find me investigating which type of monkey goes best with an iPhone, whether Peggle retains its description of “digital crack”, whether a brick-like NAS can cut it in the style-conscious Mac world and what the first iPhone GPS app is like.
But I’m not done! You’ll also find out how to annoy your cat. Whether any of the Mac rumour sites are actually worth reading. How to plug a clog into your Macbook Pro. Ad breaks that you can actually enjoy, and even how to build a Mac using only products found on sheep (albeit not a terribly functional one).
And before you ask, yes, all that content is really in MacTheMag. You’ve just got to read it to find it all.
*Well, OK, hand-typed. Finger typed, really; if I mashed the keyboard with my palms, all you’d end up with is µµ,x,;mlAm,xmcm,,,,,fffjkjsuy

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