iPad2 Cases, Android updates, PSN Woes & Phones With Extra Phugly

A busy week again trundles through. Let’s see where I can shamelessly promote myself, shall we?
At CNET.com.au, I’ve pummelled another half-dozen iPad2 cases for your entertainment. Keyboards and Turtles abound.
Best iPad 2 cases in Australia: “The word shell is apt; the back casing makes it look like the kind of iPad 2 the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would use.”
Also at CNET.com.au, a phone that looks like it fell off the back of a truck. Ten years ago. Surprisingly, the truck came off worse:
Telstra Tough 2: “The Tough 2 is ugly – solid, jarring, brick ugly. We might even be tempted to use slightly less delicate terms to describe it…”
Over at Hydrapinion, Google’s announcement of an 18-month window for Android updates got me pondering:
Android’s Upgrade Promise: Surging Forward, Or A Year And A Half Of Heartbreak? “I for one, have rarely seen a product logo that quite so forcefully made me want Ice Cream for breakfast.”
And finally at Geekspeak, yet another overview of Sony’s seemingly never-ending PSN woes:
Sony’s PSN woes highlight a bigger security problem: “The news that Sony’s Playstation Network went offline in late April due to hacker activity might be easy to brush off as just a problem for console gaming types and nobody else, if it weren’t for the wider implications of the particular attack.”

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