In the future, all travel will be by Mothra…

Just think of the environmental benefits — Mothra‘s self powering, essentially non-polluting, large enough to carry multiple people (so you’d qualify as public transport, and thus could fly above the bus lanes) and silent when in motion. Accidents would be a thing of the past, as Mothra can protect you from incoming traffic, and any stray Godzilla-related activity.
And who really wouldn’t want to arrive at work astride a mighty lightning-breathing winged steed? Nobody, that’s who. And you don’t look like a nobody to me.
Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?
And that’s an incredibly clumsy segue into my latest review, live now at GadgetGuy:
HTC Dream: “HTC’s Dream merges the generally excellent Google-backed “Android” phone operating system with a handset that is in many respects rather average. The result is still an enticing phone, but we can’t help but think that future Android-based offerings might be even better value.”

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