I might not be new, but perhaps I'm cool…

The June issue of PC User Magazine is out now, suspiciously close to an actual on-sale-in-June time frame. Just when I think that magazine cover dates don’t make sense, they start doing so! It’s doing my head in.
Anyway, aside from a review of the Belkin HomeBase for TestBench, the majority of my writing in this month’s issue is in the “Cool & New” section. It’s also the majority of the Cool & New section, with reviews of the HTC Desire, Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700, Uniden Wireless Power Starter Kit, Edifier Esiena IF360, Blackberry Storm 9250 and Navigon 1400.
At my age, I’m arguably not all that new, so by a process of deduction, that must mean I’m cool — right?
Damn. Thought I could get away with that one.
Meanwhile, in the Web world, I’ve been going slightly insane testing PVRs for CNET.com.au.
LG HR599D: “LG’s HR599D is a grab bag of Blu-ray, DLNA media player and dual-tuner PVR. Combination units can go either way. Sometimes you get a superb mix of ingredients well presented that combine to enhance each component’s strengths. All too often, however, you get a lucky dip of bubble and squeak that attempts to cover over its flaws by bamboozling you with how much it can do…”

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