I got a mind full of good intentions, and a mouth full of raisinets …

Well, actually, it’s more like a head full of infected sinuses. But that wouldn’t make such a good song lyric. So while I sit here mildly amusing myself with Wired’s Questionable Wikipedia Edits Blog (found via WikiScanner), why not check out two reviews written in a less diseased state but live today at CNET.com.au?

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 11: “We were in for a shock when we opened the Studio Ultimate 11 box. Pinnacle’s broken from a very longstanding tradition in big box software products. That’s right — there’s actually more in the box than just a CD or two and lots of (presumably very expensive) air…”

Belkin TuneStage II:
“In order to test how this affected the TuneStage 2, we stuck it on top of a wireless router, next to a phone and within spitting distance of a microwave oven. We’re cruel to technology like that sometimes…”

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