He come groovin' up slowly…

Another busy week winds to an end. And the next two weeks will be even busier, as I somehow juggle full-time work and going back to the full-time-stay-at-home-dad-with-three-kids while the lovely wife has a two week prac placement at a nearby preschool.
So I’d better get busy writing. And you’d better get busy reading.
First up, analysis of Apple’s product announcements — and specifically the “Magic Mouse” for MacTheBlog:
MacTheBlog: It’s A Kind Of Magic: “Apple makes some of the best hardware in the business in notebooks and desktops. Paradoxically, it also makes some of the worst at a given price point in peripherals..”
And if Apple’s not your particular type of fruit, then CNET.com.au has a more AV-centric review of mine to keep you busy:
Toshiba 22DV615Y LCD TV/DVD Combo: “Toshiba’s 22DV615Y LCD TV/DVD combo unit is compact and simple to use, but screen quality could be better.”

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