Fame… makes a man take things over..

Thankfully, while the thin white duke is pretty famous, I’m not. Or at least not to the best of my knowledge. If there’s any paparazzi out there stalking me, they’re doing a very stealthy job of it.
There’s a lot of my work out there that I haven’t particularly plugged as yet. I’m blaming the 3,000km I drove over the weekend, including 1,500km in a single stint. Ow. My everything either hurts or feels like it’s dropped off. I’ll check which is which while you get on with reading it all.
Firstly, CNET.com.au has three reviews of mine:
Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet: “Dell’s tablet isn’t cheap, but it’ll appeal to the business crowd who desire a solidly built system.”
Asus O!Play HDP-R1 Media Player: “We can’t help it. We’ve tried long and hard, but every time we even think about mentioning the name of Asus’ HD Media streaming box, we have to suppress a childish giggle, simply because, by calling it the O!Play, we’re instantly reminded of a certain yoghurt brand…”
Jawbone Prime: “The Jawbone Prime’s ability to filter out nearby sounds is astonishingly good. We suspect black magic is at work here.”
And then at MacTheBlog, I’ve pondered Apple’s rather interesting attitude to how much memory should cost:
MacTheBlog: Memories: A Pricing Game: “There’s a certain small argument there, in that memory sticks put together by a guy in a shed in Dubbo probably aren’t quite as good as Apple’s, even if you do get a slab of beer with every order. But not all memory is sourced from Dubbo.”

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