Doesn't have to be serious

If I’m being honest — and as a journalist, I’m one of the least-trusted and presumably least-honest members of society, right up there with politicians, used-car salespersons and people who sell kitchens, so perhaps “honest” isn’t the best term — anyway, if I’m being psuedo-honest, I have a pretty cool job.
I get to play with interesting gadgets — although I’m still waiting for someone to commission me to write a (hic!) review of this — and I get to watch my kids growing up all the time. Our smallest has just started roll/pull/crawling around the floor, which means I’m constantly picking up small things that two weeks ago I could have left alone, secure in the knowledge that he couldn’t reach them.
This is, by the way,a roundabout way of saying that the fine folks (not counting that whole anti-beaver incident) at have published another review of mine:
Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA6: “One of the selling points for the VPC-CA6 is that it’s splash-proof. It’s important to note that Sanyo don’t claim that it’s waterproof — and we were unwilling to shell out AU$799 to see what happens if you drop it into a pool…”
You may be wondering what that has to do with the kids, but that’s the cool bit of my job — I get to do both at once. Sometimes (think: Nappies, Expensive tech gear) it’s not that cool, but for now, it’s good.

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