Browser Wars, MVNOs And The Curse Of The USB Key…

Where the heck did the year go?
Oh. That’s right. Working. Slaving away at the nouns and the verbs, twisting them to my will. For example, at CNET, I’ve just given the major browsers a good old fashioned going-over.
Browser battles: IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs. Safari “We’ve taken a look at the latest and greatest from Microsoft, Apple, Opera, Google and Mozilla to sort out where each browser scores well or offers something unique that makes them a must-use proposition.”
Then at PC & Tech Authority, iiNet’s announcement that it was entering into the MVNO space led to a comparison column:
Does iiNet’s mobile leap make sense? “iiNet’s the latest operator to jump on the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) bandwagon with the announcement of residential and business mobile phone plans.”
Finally, this week’s Hydrapinion covers the things that cover my desk, making it messy: USB Flash Drives:
Hydrapinion: What do you do with fifty USB keys? “My desk is a mess of portable Flash drives — easily more than fifty of the suckers.”

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