Awesome. Giraffes are apparently kosher…

Well, at least according to the Wikipedia entry on Jewish dietary laws. It strikes me that Giraffes are perfectly proportioned to be made into Kebab rolls, which perhaps explains that mystery — and also why you never see herds of Giraffes flocking wild around anywhere that has a Kebab stand any more.
Macworld August 2008. Now with added Alex.And so continues the modern trend of segueing strangely into whatever I’m writing at the moment, which in this case is a larger than has been previously normal contribution to the August 2008 issue of Australian Macworld magazine. First up, an examination of the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store over a couple of pages, with an obligatory screenshot of Moo in action. Then a column about why the Kidman family may, in fact, have a rare tech-virus that renders otherwise functional devices into steaming heaps of silicon sludge. Editor MJCP has a rare dig at my expense right at the end that absolutely makes the entire column, and improves the humour quotient about 1000%. It’s on newsagent store shelves right now. You know what to do.
Well, OK. You probably want to know why I’m reading up on Jewish dietary laws? Well, I could segue here into the story about how I got recommended for a Jewish IT position at a major printing firm (because Centrelink presumed that with a name like Kidman, I was Yiddish…), but in truth it’s got more to do with a chance comment from a journalist colleague, combined with the fact that my brain woke up at 1am this morning with every single idea I needed for a particular past-deadline piece of writing I needed, right then and there. So I got up and started writing, lest it be lost in slumber. Right now, I’m tired, and my brain ain’t working right. So reading Kosher rules seems totally normal to me. Hey, I’m rambling again…

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