And I think it's gonna be a long long time…

In-between the incredibly frustrating adventures in finally trying to put in a front path (*subliminal message: Don’t use Amber Tiles*) this week, I’ve also flung forth a few frothy and ferociously fonted fabulous words of wisdom. As well as, it seems, developing a taste for the sixth letter of the alphabet. Sesame Street would be so proud. I wonder what the number of the day is?
Firstly, at CNET, there’s this router review (hey — it’s not alliteration day, is it?)
NetComm N3G005W 3G Wi-Fi Router: “Renters or those who want to mix and match broadband styles with a dab of 3G will do well with NetComm’s N3G005W router, as long as you don’t need lots of wired ports.”
Then, at PC Authority, a couple of Apple-centric articles. First, my regular blog-based musing, this time on, of all things for an Apple column, Windows 7:
Mac Authority: Is Windows 7 eating Apple’s lunch? “Alex Kidman gets down and dirty with the latest version of Windows 7, and surprisingly – doesn’t immediately hate it with all the vigour of a Mac disciple.”
Followed today by one of the world’s most over-reported Apple stories:
Apple undergoes Jobs cuts: “Charismatic CEO steps down for six months as health fears worsen.”

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