All Things M: Mega, Meandering And Ms Tate…

This week’s Hydrapinion covers my personal thoughts on the fact that my iOS devices are watching me right now, by way of Catherine Tate and a dated catchphrase reference:
Appleā€™s iPhone Snooping: Am I Bovvered? “Does codswallop come in smaller portions than loads?”
Then at, a colour LED printer that’s not exactly fast:
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP205: “Fuji Xerox’s colour laser is relatively quiet and delivers good quality prints, but not in any kind of hurry.”
And a modem that might not quite qualify as Mega, but it’s certainly an improvement:
Vodafone Mega Modem: “Vodafone’s new modem isn’t entirely mega, but it did show us the promise of better speeds than we’re used to seeing out of the carrier.”

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Alex Kidman is a multi-award winning Australian technology writer, former editor at Gizmodo, CNET, GameSpot, ZDNet, PC Mag, APC, Finder and as a contributor to the ABC, SMH, AFR, Courier Mail, GadgetGuy, PC & Tech Authority, Atomic and many more. He's been writing professionally since 1998, and his passions include technology, social issues, education, retro gaming and professional wrestling.

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