A close shave…

I’ve always wanted to use that headline. And now I can.
GadgetGuy.com.au has four of my reviews up, and all of them are rather outside my normal product area. Still, it does one no harm whatsoever to expand your horizons, and in this case it also allowed me to undergo some unusual benchmarking techniques — to wit, using my own face in a roundup of electric shavers:
Sanyo SVRX10: “The Sanyo SVRX10 is an inexpensive electric razor with a surprisingly swift charging time, simple operation and cleaning and a good quantity of included accessories…”
Remington Diamond Series R720A: “Remington’s R720A is the top of the line shaver in its Diamond Series, which sells itself as a mid-priced, non self-cleaning electric men’s razor line..”
Sunbeam SH7700: “The SH7700 is a good choice if you’re never near a power point or don’t like messing around with fiddly cleaning procedures…”
Philips HQ7290: “The Philips HQ7290 is for the most part a very good, albeit slightly costly electric razor which stands out as much for its waterproof shaving and very quiet operation as anything else…”

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