A bit of everything: LTE Wireless, Nokia's Doomed, Digital Goods, Dull Apples and Borderlands.

A very busy week last week — so busy, that unless you were following my twitter stream intently, you missed out on my plugging my latest work. Something I’ll make up for here. At CNET.com.au, I’ve reviewed a media streamer:
AC Ryan Playon!HD Essential: “AC Ryan, as a brand name, sounds rather like the name you’d associate with a US soap star. We can picture the stubble, the slightly rippled abs and the possibility of an eye patch right now.”
At Hydrapinion, I pondered on Nokia’s future:
Is Nokia Doooooooomed? “Nokia’s announcement late last week that it was switching its smartphone focus to Windows Phone 7 drew a lot of criticism…”
At Geekspeak, a column on the future of mobile broadband:
Geekspeak: The Fastest Wireless — That You Might Never Get: “Wireless internet has changed the way we work, communicate and play, but it’s not without its limitations…”
and a column on the perils of buying digital-only goods:
Geekspeak: The Perils Of Digital Buying: “It’s a problem that’s only going to grow in scope…”
Then at a returning MacTheBlog, I pondered on whether Apple’s really all that cutting edge at all:
MacTheBlog: Is Apple’s cutting edge getting blunt? “The closest one came to an Apple was the fruit juice being served at the bar, and even that was orange.”
and a Mac review of a game I’ve probably spent more time playing over the last year than any other. Make of that what you will.
Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition (Mac): “I’ve got to stop playing Borderlands. This isn’t because it’s a bad game, or it’s destroying my marriage, or convincing me to go out and shoot things with flaming bullets (although that is kinda tempting)…”

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