2013: Week Two: Time To Play The Game…

gameIn which I finish up my brief stint as Guest Editor at Kotaku Australia with articles on bouncing, Doctor Who, Illegal Video Games and why Retro Games are here to stay.
It’s good fun — and quite a lot of work — having editorial control over one of the country’s most popular gaming destinations. A lot of work because, even at a relatively quiet time of year for gaming news, there’s still a lot to do, and fun because wearing the Editor’s hat means you get to decide the tone and placement of stories… as well as write a few things that I’d find it hard to get commissioned otherwise. Not that this means I wrote worthless stories — just that (especially in terms of gaming journalism) it’s a very tough field to get paid for articles. Way too many people either want to (or willingly) do it for free.
Plenty of news articles ran through the week, but my favourites were the more in-depth pieces, especially these:
R18+ Reminder: Overseas Ratings Don’t Count (And Could Get You Busted)
Easily the most divisive thing I wrote all week — and the company involved still hasn’t got back to me.
What If Mario Is In Fact… A Zombie?
Whimsy, meet Zombie. Zombie… STOP ATTACKING WHIMSY!!!
Alex’s Top Games Of 2012
My tastes, it seems, differ from the mainstream.
Not-So-Serious Question: Why Do Videogame Grunts Always Cop It The Worst?
Poor grunts. They’re always the first to go.
Who Do I Have To Kill To Stop The Shadow Of The Colossus Movie?
Hollywood, think carefully before you make your next move…
Hands-On With Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
I sliced. I diced. I referenced TV Tropes.
Tell Us Dammit: Game Genres That You Just Don’t Click With
In which I confessed my non-love of MMOs.
Tramampoline: Independent Aussie Bouncing With A Touch Of Mind Control
The Goodies were right. Everybody should be bouncing.
Why Can’t We Have A Good Doctor Who Game?
Diddly dum, diddly dum, diddly dum, dud dud games….
Why Every Gamer Should Be A Retro Gamer
The longest piece I think I’ve ever written for online publication. Perhaps I like Retro gaming a bit…
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