2010: The Year In Reviews

It’s time, once again, to take stock of the year that’s just been.
Heck of a year in many respects, including winning a journalism award that I’m still quite proud of. And having no office for nearly three months due to flooding. And (all up) spending nearly a month away from my office, including two overseas stints.
Given all that, how much work did I do?
(too much)
Probably. But how much is too much?
The answer, at least in online terms, is after the jump. Otherwise this page would be very long and unwieldy, to put it mildly.

(it’s worth noting that some of these links may no longer work due to issues beyond my control. Pity, that. Also, this doesn’t count my extensive print work.)
January 2010 (11 articles)
Universities Online: How to pick the uni that’s right for you via iTunes
MacTheBlog: 2010: The Year Apple Makes Contact?
Tigers Electronics Giada N10
Jabra Go 6470
MacTheBlog: A Nexus Point
Canon Pixma MP990
MacTheBlog: Names Have Power
MacTheBlog: iPad: First Impressions
Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook

February 2010 (22 articles)
Amazing Apps For Your iPhone: Panorama Photos
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Cinema Apps
Billion BiPAC 7800N
Billion BiPAC 7404VNPX
Band Hero (DS)
Samsung R519
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Remote Control Apps
Samsung Q320
Internode MiFi
Mental note: Don’t wear white shorts on a dark stage…
Hitachi SimpleTough 500GB
Hitachi SimpleDrive Mini 320GB
Is it worth waiting for Vivid Wireless 4G?
Microsoft Surface gets Dungeons and Dragons
Sony Vaio VPCCW15FG
Sony Vaio VPCL118FG/B
Windows Phone 7: Is everything old new again?
HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer E809a
Norton 360 to support iPad, Android
Asus EeeBox PC EB1501
Vintage tech: Looking back at the Commodore 64
Bush BR20DAB
March 2010 (26 articles)
Watch out iPad: here comes the $200, Full-HD Kogan Pad
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Iomega’s Bernoulli Box
Revo Ikon
Revo Blok
Pioneer XW-NAS5
Geneva Model S
Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini
Premium iPod Docks
Mac gaming breakthrough: Steam coming to Mac
MSI Wind U135
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Pentium
iXpand 3G
Samsung R580
HP Mini 210
HP Pavilion MS214a
HP Mini 210
MacTheBlog: Things Are Getting Steamy
Vintage Tech: Looking back at 3DFX Voodoo
Alienware M11x
MacTheBlog: An Inconvenient Tooth
Fujitsu Lifebook P8110
Vintage Tech: this is what portable storage looked like at the turn of the century
Uniden Wireless Power Starter Kit
The 2010 GPS Round-Up
Self Storage: The External Hard Drive Round-Up
Sony Vaio VPCS117GG

April 2010 (26 Articles)
Samsung N210
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Windows 1.0
MacTheBlog: Amazon Can’t Lose
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Mosaic
Dvico TViX HD N1
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Apple Pippin
iPad iPad iPad, Oi Oi Oi?
Belkin Home Base
Plantronics Voyager Pro
Uniden wireless power charger
Street Fighter IV
Logitech Harmony 300
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Nintendo Entertainment System
Canon Legria FS37
The future of TV is nearly here, but it won’t be “free”
Remember when tech did one thing well?
Can you get ISP satisfaction?
What will your next digital camera be?
MacTheBlog: Touch Me
Belkin Double N+ Wireless Router F6D6230au4
Topfield TRF7160
Vodafone isn’t the fastest, but it’s the value wireless broadband to buy
Vintage Tech: Ye olde 3.5″ floppy disks now surprisingly expensive
Dell Laptop Buyer’s Guide: Inspiron R vs XPS vs Alienware
Believe it or not, but Telstra BigPond is our new winner for best wireless broadband

May 2010 (27 Articles)
Top Shelf: An eBook reader round-up
5 ways to boost your broadband speed
Terrible plan values put a dent in the high speed offerings of Optus wireless broadband
Virgin’s wireless broadband isn’t high speed, but it’s solid value
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Atari Lynx
Is the Aussie iPad good value? We dissect the prices
MacTheBlog: Shock And Awe
Hydrapinion: Total iPad Control
Divoom Revo-3
HP Officejet Pro 8000 (A809)
Dell Studio XPS 1647
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Microsoft Bob
Geekspeak: iPad Vs Kindle
USB 3 has plenty of promise, but when will it deliver?
LogMeIn For iPad and Android: hands on
Hydrapinion: Are Macs hot enough for Steam?
MacTheBlog: The Perils Of Printing
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the AIBO
Kogan Freeview HD Digital Set-Top Box
Sony RDR-HDC300
Do you want more TV advertising, even if it’s Google?
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Pac-Man phenomenon
‘Twas the night before Christmas…countdown begins for Apple iPad die-hards
Hydrapinion: Who chooses Apple store locations?
A long day’s journey into Bondi (Junction)
What does it take to get an App approved?

June 2010 (17 Articles)
Fujitsu LifeBook SH760
Geekspeak: What is the Net good for, exactly?
Hitachi XL2000 2TB Hard Drive
Geekspeak:Privacy online: A quick primer
MacTheBlog: MacBook vs iPad: Let Battle Commence
iPhone 4: The top 5 reasons to buy (or not to buy)
PunchCourierInFace Cafe Press Store
Vintage Tech: Looking Back At Elite
Kogan Wi-Fi Digital Radio DAB with iPhone Docking Station Deluxe
SingStar The Wiggles
Best iPad Accessories
MacTheBlog: A Little Light Reading
Geekspeak: Can Networking be made easy?
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Palm Pilot
HP TouchSmart tm2
MacTheBlog: iOS 4: What is it good for?
Geekspeak: Technology and water don’t mix

July 2010 (44 Articles)
Vintage Tech: Looking back at MiniDisc
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Karateka
MacTheBlog: AirPad
Bush Walker BPR07DAB
MSI Wind12 U230
HP Compaq Presario CQ62-116TU
HP Compaq Presario CQ42-136TU
HP unveils printer apps and cloud printing
The Orange Box
iPad Keyboard Dock
Marvel Comics/Comics
LogMeIn Ignition
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the ZX Spectrum
Pioneer XW-NAV1
Geekspeak: Making The Most Of Your Printer
Hydrapinion: Are we smart enough for a smartphone world?
MacThePodcast: The Return
Hydrapinion: Why didn’t Apple bump the iPhone 4 problem away?
MacTheBlog: iPad on the move
iPhone Hard Case & Zoom Lens
Geekspeak: NBN Alternatives
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Apple II
Geekspeak: Browsing For A Browser
MacTheBlog: Apps Gone Crazy
Shrek Forever After
Astone Media Gear AP-360T
What’s next? A high tech pocket protector?
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the VIC-20
Apple’s secret (blue) strategy
How do Telstra’s new BigPond prices stack up?
MSI Wind U160
How to become a world champion (the easy way)
Geekspeak: Will Microsoft continue to dominate IT?
Sanyo DCDB10 DAB+ micro system
Acer Aspire 1820PT
Acer Aspire 5738PZG
Astone Media Gear AP-360T
Hydrapinion:What’s the value of a plan?
Australian iPhone 4 plans and pricing compared: [UPDATED] Telstra vs Optus vs Vodafone vs 3
Hydrapinion: The Golden Rules of writing tech “Round-Ups”
Vintage Tech: Looking back at the Atari 400
Ravon Fidelio Mini Hi-Fi
MacTheBlog: iPhone 4 Arrival Events

August 2010 (40 Articles)
Geekspeak: Keep your brain in gear when using GPS
Hydrapinion: The best portable gadget ever
Optus launches off-peak Mobile Broadband – but is it good value?
Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820TG
Dell Inspiron M501R
MacTheBlog: It Doesn’t Just Work
Geekspeak: Waving Goodbye
How do Internode’s new mega-allowance plans stack up?
Hydrapinion: Half price data pricing makes half as much sense
Fujitsu P770 LifeBook
Acer Aspire 8943G
MacTheReviews: StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Belkin Powerline HD Dual Pack
Geekspeak: What are you spending your tech dollars on?
BitDefender Antivirus for Mac
MacTheBlog:Where are the good iPad competitors?
iiNet rejigs plan values, announces first 1TB download plan
Hydrapinion: The complete lunatic’s guide to putting on a screen protector
AximCom MR-102N
25 best and worst iPhone 4 cases
Geekspeak: Getting A Web Perspective
MacTheBlog: Dropping iClangers
Grundig Roam portable DAB+ radio
Hydrapinion: What’s so hard about being able to speak, proper, like?
How to speed up your internet connection
Clickfree C2
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend
Vodafone/Three Pump Up Contract Data Caps
Telstra Unveils Ultimate Wireless USB
Get Your Kicks (On Your Wave) On Route 66
The Best Free WiFi Is Fast Free WiFi
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night
Internode Fetches IPTV For Early Adopters
Even Apple’s Making The iPod Refresh Obvious Now
Confirmed: Xbox Live Price Increase Isn’t Coming Nov 1
Is This The Ugliest iPad Stand Ever?
Nice Power Brick. But Will It Fly?
30 best and worst iPhone 4 cases
Geekspeak: What can you do with 1TB of data?
MacTheBlog: A support issue

September 2010 (67 Articles)
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night
The Apple Geniuses With Time On Their Hands
A Brief Crowdsourced History Of Time Travel
Microsoft Gets Moving On Aussie Kinect Launch Date
Foxtel Shows Off Pay TV, Xbox 360 Style
AFL, NRL Get The 3D Go-Ahead
I Can’t Have A Bat-Utility Belt
New iPods? We’re Going To Need New Cases
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night
Aussie Apple TV Owners Get Short Shrift
ABC’s Mobile Division Cracks New Records
Hitachi Gets A New Life(Studio) Down Under
Buy An Avatar Or Headset, Make A Wish Come True
3D Glasses – Perhaps I Need A Smaller Head
Microsoft’s Home Of The Future Is Suspiciously Clean And Shiny
Why doesn’t Telstra have a portable WiFi router?
New iPods? We’re Going To Need New Cases
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night
Aussie Apple TV Owners Get Short Shrift
ABC’s Mobile Division Cracks New Records
Hitachi Gets A New Life(Studio) Down Under
Buy An Avatar Or Headset, Make A Wish Come True
3D Glasses – Perhaps I Need A Smaller Head
Microsoft’s Home Of The Future Is Suspiciously Clean And Shiny
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Friday Night
Hands On With Telstra’s Ultimate USB
An Appropriate Solution To Australia’s Election Woes
Am I The Only One Creeped Out By What’s Happening To This Flash Drive?
What’s The Oldest Gadget You Still Regularly Use?
Dell Inspiron N301
MacTheBlog: Please, Apple, can I have less?
Internode enters the 1TB race with “T-Shirt” plans
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend
Dodo Flies Past The 1TB Crowd
Microsoft Wants To Know If Students Have Been Screen-ed Lately
Want An iPad And A Degree?
My Little NodePony
Another HD Channel Bites The Dust
Update: The Power Brick That Does Indeed Fly
The perils of gadget overload
Does Apple’s latest iPod update offer enough?
Livescribe launches iPad/iPhone Pencast Player
This Measuring Cup May Be More Intelligent Than I Am
How To Give Your Canon DSLR Owning Friends A Heart Attack
Meet The TARDIS Made Of SNOT
Who Buys In-Flight Gadgets?
Is This An STB With DAB+ Built In, Or A DAB+ Radio With Added STB?
TiVo Adds NBC Universal, Icon and Umbrella
Your Telstra Desire Probably Isn’t Getting HTCSense.com (But It Is Getting Froyo, Finally)
TiVo Expands 3D VOD Offering
Octiv Mini Gets Australian Release Date
How Feasible Are Tablet Keyboards For In-Flight Work?
Internode Drops 1TB Plan Price, Adds Data
Cheap Parking App Is Now Free Cheap Parking App
Garmin’s Latest Cycling GPS Just Wants To Be Touched
One Nokia To Rule Them All?
Free Steak Knives? I’ll see you and raise you
The Sweet Science Of Boxing
How to make AppleCare actually care
Remote Control
Netbook or Tablet?
Panasonic DMR-XW480
t-Jays One earphones
a-Jays One earphones
Mobile Broadband Is Great. Except When You Want It To Be, Y’Know… Mobile
Beware Of Tech Bargains

October 2010 (19 Articles)
The weak link in your security might just be you
Anything you can carry is something you can lose
MacTheBlog: How The Apple Stores Make Money
ViViFi Wi-Fi hotspot
Hanvon BC10
The Last Airbender
Google’s Instant Search Play
Club Penguin Game Day!
My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout:
The value of an App
Could you survive on mobile broadband?
Toshiba Satellite A660/07R
Just Shoot Me?
HP Envy 100
If you had $1000 to spend on an Apple product, which one should you buy?
Dell Latitude XT2 XFR
Clickfree Wireless 500GB
Geekspeak: Is Windows Phone 7 Too Little, Too Late?
Do your portable gadgets have names?

November 2010 (19 Articles)
Geekspeak: Charity Begins Online
The Nokia N8 – Not a camera that is a phone, but a smartphone with significant problems
F1 2010
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Jabra Go 660
Steve Jobs: You’re Wrong
Which Tablet Is Right For Me?
X-mini II Capsule Speakers
Galaxy Tab More Expensive Than Any iPad
Getting the bargain you expect when shopping online
Canon Pixma MG6150
X-Mini Max II
Why does mobile data have to be so confusing?
PADACS Rubata Keyboard
Telstra Prepaid Mobile Broadband Hotspot
Western Digital MyPassport AV 320GB
Western Digital My Passport Essential USB 3.0 1TB
Canon PIXMA MG8150
Today might be boring, but it’s not the most boring day ever

December 2010 (17 Articles.. so far!)
Hydrapinion: How tough should your gadgets be?
The worst products we’ve ever reviewed…
Hitachi LifeStudio Desk Plus 2TB
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk (1TB)
WD Elements Play
Hydrapinion: The Lapdance Problem
Geekspeak: ABC’s iView app spells the death of the couch potato
Should you be terrified of terabyte plans?
Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus
Geekspeak: What does 2011 hold for the Tablet?
Best Value Pre-Paid Portable 3G Wi-Fi Modems
Hydrapinion: What do you do with fifty USB keys?
Does iiNet’s mobile leap make sense?
Browser battles: IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs. Safari
Opinion: Will NBN pricing lead to better Aussie broadband deals
Augmented Reality Makes Reality Easier To Understand

There’s still time for some written articles to get published, but even at a rough count, that’s 335 articles published online so far this year. At least half as many again went to print, which means I’ve written something like 500 articles this year.
Phew. It does explain why I’m feeling so particularly worn out right now. Anybody got a cushy desk job with a ridiculously large salary going?

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