2009: The Year In Reviews

So, I’m sitting here as 2009 draws to a close, and thinking on the year past, as is often traditional for folks at this time of the year. 2009’s been a tough year, financially, personally and from a work perspective, but the one constant thing is that it’s been constant. Even allowing for the fact that I didn’t write a whole lot in July owing to severe health issues, I kept on working all year long.
But how many articles can one journalist pen in a year? Well, purely speaking online, a lot. I’ve collected them all up after the page break (warning; it’s kind of long, but you probably guessed that anyway) along with some observations right down at the end. Keep scrolling.. you’ll get there. Eventually.
January 2009
Fake Phil Schiller: what Apple has in store for 2009
Kogan Blu-Ray Player
Mac Authority: Business as usual
Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell (Nintendo DS)
Ethical Trojan blocks Bittorrent sites
Apple undergoes Jobs cuts
Mac Authority: Is Windows 7 eating Apple’s lunch?
NetComm N3G005W 3G Wi-Fi Router
Second Google Android phone — Kogan Agora — “Delayed Indefinitely”
Seagate hard drives suffering mass data loss
Woman forced to pay cab fare with iPod
HTC Touch HD
NetComm NB12WD MyCommsGateway
Mac Authority: Apple relaxing iPhone rules, developers winning big

February 2009:
NetComm NP802n Wireless Router
Kogan Blu-Ray Player (Take 2)
Windows 7 vs OS X: The OS war is definitely on
OLPC is dead: design now “open source”
HTC Dream
Internet Filters For Idiots
Top 5 ways Xbox and Halo Wars can win over PC gamers
Mac Authority: Where art thou Mac alternatives?
Wanna design your own netbook?
Nintendo DSi to launch in Australia on April 2nd
Edimax nMax AR-7265Wn Wireless 802.11n ADSL2/2+ modem router
Kogan promises a Linux Netbook by the end of March
Altec Lansing FX2020 Expressionist Classic Speakers
Mac Authority: Time To Go On Safari?
Bluescreen: Top Five Sol Replacements
March 2009
LinkSys Media Hub
Mac Authority: Today’s Apple rollout: iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac Pros, pricing, keyboards
Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset
Toshiba Satellite A300
Rudd stimulus inspires the Kevin37, a TV priced at $900
Apple iMac 2009
Mac Authority: New iPod shuffle headphones, and other annoyances
Apple Mac Mini 2009 model
Ruslan Kogan unveils his new netbook
Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard
Altech SysArielAtom-DP04
MSI PX600 Prestige Collection Notebook
ABC launches Android and iPhone applications
Dell G2210 LCD Monitor
Vodafone 3G network goes national
Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds
Dell Inspiron Mini 1210
How to get legal movies online quota free
Aussie iPhone Traffic App launched

April 2009
MacThePodcast: Episode 1 — Acqualia
Mac Authority: Microsoft’s Ads are clever, but why are they bothering?
Samsung SyncMaster 2333SW 23-inch LCD Monitor
Asus SDRW-08D1S-U External DVD-RW Drive
Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10EXBK HD Dual Camera
Rudd’s New NBN: Five upsides, five downsides
Sudio Vogue
Mac Authority: App-itis: how many apps is your iPhone running?
Samsung HKT600
TiVo hard drive lands in Australia

May 2009
AOC Verfino V22 LCD Monitor
TiVo launches movies-on-demand service
MacThePodcast Episode 5: Software-Only
Kogan Agora Pro
Mac Authority: The Next iPhone Will Be…
MyNetfone launches Naked ADSL2+
TiVo expansion options
Western Digital My DVR Expander
TiVo Home Networking
BenQ nScreen i91
MSI Wind Top AE1900
Mac Authority: Where does all the space on the iPhone go?
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War II
Empire: Total War
Belkin N+ Wireless Storage Router
Engin oneHub ST790
Samsung PL50

June 2009
Samsung ST50
HTC Magic
Online Transaction Security: Tips For Staying Safe
Belkin Powerline AV Networking Adapters
Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T
Sanyo PLC-XU355
MacThePodcast: Episode 10: Intel
Kodak Zx1
Panasonic DMR-XW450
Mac The Blog: The Old Or The New?
July 2009
China delays Net filtering; Australia sticks to its guns
Macbook Pro 13″
Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Bluetooth watch
NetComm NP201AV HomePlug
HP ProBook 4710s
NetComm 3G18Wn 3G USB 11n Wi-Fi Router
Which broadband plan is right for me?
D-Link DSM-210 10-inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame

August 2009
Dvico TViX HD R-3300 HD Digital Jukebox + Ultimate PVR
Apple’s tablet plans — they’re fully sick
MacTheBlog: Episode 14 — Syncode
Belkin Switch-To-Mac cable
MacTheBlog: Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine
MacTheBlog: Is a new cat the answer?
Kogan Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame
HP SimpleSave Portable 320GB
Amazing apps for your phone: How to make the most out of your iPhone’s GPS
Powertraveller powergorilla/Powertraveller solargorilla
Jabra M5390 USB
LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone

September 2009
Dell Studio One 19
Amazing Apps for your Phone: Here’s how to get cheap iPhone apps
MacTheBlog: Snow Fun
Amazing Apps For Your Phone: Top Twitter Clients
MacTheBlog: The 64k Question
Amazing Apps For Your Phone: What’s the weather like out there?
Compaq Q2009 LCD Monitor
Apple iPod Nano (5th Generation)
MacTheBlog:When new iPhones go bad
Apple iPod Touch (3rd Generation)
Apple iPod Shuffle
DualSIM Mini
iiNet BoB
Asus RT-N16 Wireless Router
Asus RT-N13U Wireless N Router with All-In-One Printer Server
MacTheBlog: Li’l orphan Apps
Amazing Apps for your Phone: Get from A to B on public transport
Amazing Apps for your Phone: Photography Apps
October 2009
Edimax nLite 3G-6200n 3G Broadband Router
Acer Extensa 5635Z
Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player
Western Digital’s MyPassport Elite, MyBook World Edition & MyBook Studio Edition II
Amazing Apps For Your Phone: Score a shopping bargain
MacTheBlog: Reality needs augmentation
Panasonic SC-HC3 Compact Stereo System
MacTheBlog: Hey Apple: start innovating!
Amazing Apps for your Phone: Tick Tock, Tick Tock – Ten Time Telling Apps
Kogan 1080P37
My Fitness Coach
NewU: Fitness First Personal Trainer
Amazing Apps for your Phone: 6 of the best augmented reality apps
Toshiba 22DV615Y LCD TV/DVD Combo
MacTheBlog: It’s A Kind Of Magic
Random acts of kind(le)ness
Lexmark Interact S605
Sangean DPR-69 Plus
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Let The Music Play!
November 2009
Amazing Apps For Your iPhone: Religious Texts
Imagine Journalist
Apple Magic Mouse
MacTheBlog: Time to take our Tablets?
Laser DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Christmas Apps
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Fitness apps
Apple MacBook 13 inch
Withings WifiScale
WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB
Combat of Giants: Dragons
WD My Passport Elite 500GB
Best fitness games
Which broadband plan is right for me?
MacTheBlog: Rotten Apples?
How to get TiVo Transfer working under Snow Leopard
Cars Race-O-Rama
Philips DAB AE5230 Radio
MacTheBlog: i7 iMac: an odyssey of space

December 2009
Style Boutique
Logitech Harmony 700
MacTheBlog: Memories: A Pricing Game
Jawbone Prime
Asus O!Play HDP-R1 Media Player
Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: 6 apps to turn your iPhone into a recipe book
Asus UL50Vt
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Cramming a games PC into your iPhone
Lexmark Platinum Pro905
HP Photosmart Plus B209
MacTheBlog: Chrome: Not So Shiny?
World of Zoo
Asus HP-100U Dolby Headphone Set
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Find Food Fast
Littlest Pet Shop: Beach Friends
Canon Pixma MP560
Dvico TViX HD M-6600N
MacTheBlog: Here there be Dragons
Wow. That’s 183 individual articles. You could pretty easily double that number if you included all my print articles not linked, especially as many of those (and a bunch of the online articles) comprise multiple reviews all by themselves. Which means, in 2009, I wrote more reviews/articles/blogs/podcasts/guides than there were days in the year. No wonder I’m so exhausted!
Equally, while I’m often pigeonholed as a “reviews writer” or “gadget freak”, a lot of what I write sits outside those easy classifications. Even I was surprised by how many non-review articles I wrote this year.

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