Words & Pictures: Day Three

The most significant picture I’m going to post in all thirty days…

And there’s even a story to go with it. Are we sitting comfortably?
Ten years ago today, I got married. It was, as anyone who was present could tell you, not a wedding that went without its hitches, what with the need for emergency spinal surgery for the bride six weeks beforehand, the surprise appearance of my stepmother two days beforehand and the rather strange habits of Sydney Taxi companies on the day leaving me with the nervous feeling that I’d been left at the altar. Given that we didn’t have bridesmaids — just men of honour — the notion of marrying one of them didn’t exactly thrill me.
Anyway, owing to my own allergic reactions to strong perfumes and scents (also the reason why I loathe smoking), we couldn’t have a traditional bouquet of flowers, or for that matter, standard buttonhole flowers on the groom and best men. My gorgeous wife (she’s even more gorgeous now, but don’t tell her I said that or she’ll blush…) had a bouquet of native Australian wildflowers — due to their low scent — and all the best men had gum nuts with gum leaves as their buttonhole flowers.
Gumnuts last. Mine has, and I’ve still got it.

The leaves aren't as green as they used to be, but they're surprisingly solid.
The leaves aren't as green as they used to be, but they're surprisingly solid.






2 responses to “Words & Pictures: Day Three”

  1. Cav Avatar

    You don’t call each other snugglepot and cuddlepie, do you?

  2. Vaughan Avatar

    It still seems like just the other day. The fact that it was 10 years means we might be getting old mate.

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