Where the streets have no name…

I’m not sure about that song. I mean, it either implies that Bono’s been out nicking street signs, or that he’s hopelessly lost. Or possibly he wants to become hopelessly lost.
I’m neither — at the moment — although I do feel rather like I’m a walking case study in staying awake through the re-application of caffiene right now. So while I go and make another twitchy cuppa, keep yourselves warm with this duo of news stories and a Mac Blog at PC Authority:
Xbox 360 owners, time for your upgrade: “Avatars, photo sharing and hopefully fewer service outages await 360 owners with “New Xbox Experience”, which carries with it the ugly acronym of “NXE”.”
Vodafone reveals Storm pricing: “How much damage will RIM’s latest Blackberry do to your wallet? Vodafone reveals all.”
Mac vs PC: How much has the Vista backlash helped Apple? “Are customers moving to Apple because of Vista, or are other factors at play? Alex Kidman looks at the real reason for Apple’s revival.”
And on a Mac note, I’ve got what will be my final blog (for now) up at Australian Macworld:
What’s a good price for a game? “The iPhone has done more for the Mac gaming world than any number of late ports, cross-converted games, or even the introduction of higher quality graphics chips in the new model Macbooks ever could. “

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