Weekend recap, in quotes…

See if you can work out everything that’s happened this weekend, based on the following quotes:

  1. “James, don’t do that.”
  2. This is SPARTAAA!”
  3. “You killed her because she had an annoying laugh?”
  4. “Great. Now my arms smell like Oranges.”
  5. “Zoe, don’t do that.”
  6. “James, I really meant don’t do that when I said don’t do that. Not, in fact, do that.”
  7. “James. Really. Stop doing that.”
  8. “I’m mellllting! Oh, what a world…”
  9. “Diddly dum, diddly dum, diddly dum, whoooo…”
  10. “Luc, don’t do that either.”
  11. “James, don’t show Luc how to do that. Did I mention that I didn’t want you to do that?”
  12. “Where’s his face, man?”
  13. “You are the undisputed Mistress of this game. Unbeatable, in fact.”
  14. “So you’re playing Zoe’s game for her so that she has enough money to heal her horse?”
  15. “This Ice Cream is, in fact, harder than Adamantium. Although it has slightly more chocolate in it than chocolate has. What do you mean I have to share it?”
  16. “Grr.. stupid masking tape…”
  17. First person (aside from my wife) to get all sixteen right wins a special mystery prize*
    *Mystery prize may be James, based on the way he’s going…

9 thoughts on “Weekend recap, in quotes…”

  1. Well, here’s my go at it, though I may need a few hints for the incorrect ones.
    2. Watched 300
    8. Wizard of Oz
    12. Face Off
    13. What you guys do in the bedroom should be kept private
    16. See #13.
    1, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11. Fairly standard weekend fare when you’ve got three kids
    3. This sounds really familiar.
    9. Generic kids program singalong time.
    4. Oranges? Either you’ve been cleaning with Earth-friendly products again, or
    see the response to #13 and #16.
    14. Some console game, Final Fantasy X1?
    15. You were cleaning out the freezer and found something hidden at the bottom?

  2. Not too bad – yes 3 is another movie quote. 15 is infact chocolate ice cream and while 14 was a console game – it wasn’t FF (Zoe is not allowed play FF yet). Try Sat 7:30pm for #9.

  3. Ahh, that makes #9 the new series of Dr Who. You’re going to have to give Alex some singing lessons, methinks!
    14: Would I be closer by guessing Hello Kitty?
    3: Can I get a hint?

  4. You got #12 wrong too. And it’s a really obvious one to boot…
    As for three, “Have you ever fired your gun up in the air and gone AAAARGH?”

  5. Righteo, let’s try again.
    #3: Hot Fuzz
    #14: Dang, this is hard. Errm, Barbie’s Glue Factory?
    #12: Gee, that was my obvious guess. Umm, Batman?
    Methinks I’m not going to win any of your children at this rate.

  6. And what would Ang say if you did win one of them?
    #14 – getting colder again – animal (given in the quote)
    #12 – nope and really really cold there

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