Venting. Upset.

So bear with me. Today, y’see, two of our three cats went missing. These are the cats that were a housewarming present when we moved in, and, today aside, the two that are missing had never been outside. In fact, if you’d asked me, I would have pointed out that one of them is (or was) positively agoraphobic; I’ve personally seen her cry at at open door because it was open.
And now they’re out there. Somewhere. I hope.
I’m not sure if they got out due to an error on my part, or if an idiot courier let them out. Let’s just say that my usual sunny opinion of couriers just got a lot, lot lower.
Not feeling good right now.
Here’s my longest of long shots for the day: If you happen to see either of these two cats, drop me a line. Anyone sending me an email with “I saw them on your Web page” will be beaten to death with something sharp and solid. I’m not in that kind of mood.






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