This might surprise a few people…

But I’m selling off a large proportion of my games collection. Not to feed a drugs habit, or get the Mafia off my back, or anything else, but simply for the reason that I need the space, what with three kids, three cats and a home office to run.
First on the chopping block (this is going to take some time, folks) is an instant Megadrive games collection. 83 of the suckers in total, split across four auctions. Remember, bid early, bid often!
20 Megadrive Games:PS IV, Cadash, Cricket, Sonic & More
20 Sega Megadrive Games: Lemmings, NBA, Sonic, More
20 Boxed Sega Megadrive Games: Sonic, Road Rash 3, more

23 Megadrive Games:NBA Jam, Shining Force, Ecco & More

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