There's a bear in there…

Or, at least, there was.
Something of a change of pace for once today; while Di stayed home and rested (still preparing for the rigours of childbirth) I headed out (with the trusty clone, who’s doing us a great favour by spending nights here to look after the kids in case of birth emergencies) to the local RSL.
Were we perhaps heading there for a sneaky drink? No, not as such. We we there for the free poker? No, not really. Were we there for the jelly wrestling? Definitely not — for a start, we had a pair of children (mine, before anyone panics) in tow.
Now, there are all sorts of benefits to being a freelance journalist. Sure, the pay sucks, and the hours can be horrible, and there’s little job security. Then again, which other profession lets you take a couple of hours off in the middle of the day to go and watch grown adults (some of them on the very elderly side) prance about for the enjoyment of toddlers? Not many, that’s what.
In this case, we were attending a great Australian tradition, namely Play School — and what’s more, it was being presented by an Australian TV legend, namely the one and only Benita Collings. Sure, the two year olds in the audience had little to no idea who she was, but I’m sure it was a lot of fun for the parents on hand. One here for the trivia fans: This isn’t even the first time I’ve written about the venerable Ms Collings; I even got paid for it last time.
Sadly for the male presenter, I totally missed catching his name, although he’s undeniably a familiar face — anybody care to help me out here?

Sometimes, just running back and forth can be fun

James was feeling rather subdued.

Zoe wasn’t.

Benita’s contributions to the world of heavyweight boxing
are less well recognised than her children’s work.

That’s a big egg…

A mosh pit full of four year olds. Naturally, Zoe’s the ringleader.

Adults of a certain age will find it impossible to disobey this woman.

The line of the day (for adults) : “Oh dear. It’s all very ABC props department, isn’t it?”

Zoe attempts to stealthily make her way onstage. Or perhaps she’s preparing for a job as a bouncer.

And to finish off… “And a chair as well…”

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