So, what did you do with your morning?

Some of you undoubtedly went into work — and some of you went back to work, and the prospect of teaching. Others went off to code databases, study law or just maintain networks somewhere. There may have even been some random writing of articles going on, although I wouldn’t know anything about that.
What did I spend my morning doing, I hear you ask?
(You’re not mad if you hear voices where there are none, are you?)
I’m glad you asked. I spent my morning making a Space Invader out of Duplo Blocks. Here he is, in all his glory:
Yes, I know. It’s not totally accurate, but then Duplo is a rather crude medium to be working in.
I did, however, forget the prime rule of creating things. You see, objects take on the properties of that which they are made into — make up a ball, and it’ll roll, and so on. So, if one makes a Space Invader, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it starts… well… invading.
Thankfully, the Earth was saved by a small belligerent toddler, who quickly saw the alien menace off by smashing it into the table.

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