So, I decided to wash some cats today…

Look, it was necessary, OK? Specifically, they’d begun to stink — I guess you can get by for only so long being covered in Cat Spit before the spit itself goes rancid.
Now, I can deal with the scratches. I can deal with scrubbing shampoo into a cat’s back while it’s desperately trying to relieve me of most of the skin on my arms. I can even deal with the fact that the torment of being washed has transformed our friendliest cat into a hissing, snarling maniac for the rest of the afternoon.
What I’m having trouble reconciling is something that I only realised after the cats had been washed and scrubbed. And that’s the fact that, for reasons that totally elude me, the cat shampoo is berry scented. As a result, I now have three cats that smell mildly of berries. Weird doesn’t begin to describe it.
Who exactly thought that cats needed to be fruit-scented? And who then accepted that pitch and went into mass-production of berry-scented cat shampoo?

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