I have a really feral sinus headache. I’m declaring 2008 to be “Year Of Illness”.
One theory doing the traps is that all of Sydney’s colds, bugs, and other ailments are down to pilgrims at World Youth Day bringing in exotic bugs that the locals didn’t have immunities to. It certainly sounds (and feels) plausible to me, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel it has a slightly racist tinge — all those “unclean foreign types” and the need to give them “a swift wash in a bath full of Pine-O-Kleen” kind of thing…
Anyway, while I’ve been suffering, I’ve also been working. Either because I’m very dedicated, or very stupid.* In either case, this is now live at
Philips DCP951: “It’s not a cheap portable DVD player, but it is stylish and has a lot going for it.”
*Possibly both.

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