Random thoughts…

* I had a very, very odd dream last night. For some reason — it seemed to make sense at the time, but I’ve forgotten the rationalisation — I was managing a tag team taking on WCW Tag Team Champions The Amazing French Canadians. My team was, inexplicably, made up from early Playstation 3D characters Gex The Gecko and Croc. Like I said, weird. What’s even odder is that my team was just being continually cracked in the head with folding chairs, and I didn’t even seem to care. The lesson here is clear: I should lay off the Guatemalan Insanity Chillies before going to bed.
* The acid-based removal of grout from tiles (as mentioned previously) went very well, but predictably I did suffer an injury. Stupidly, it was cutting my finger open. While I was opening the packaging on… wait for it… my safety goggles. Guess the goggles wanted to stay safer for that bit longer, and my own comfort be damned. Actually, it’s quite annoying, as the slice (although minor) is on the tip of my right ring finger, and it’s messing up my typing.
* James turned two yesterday. I would have noted this, had my site not gone down. Likewise, I would have noted my mother and sister’s birthdays in the more recent past, except for the fact that I’m an idiot, and I forgot. Sorry.
* Keeping on the James topic, as if by magic (or perhaps maleficient design), a switch entitled “terrible twos” has gone on in his brain. Interesting times are bound to ensue.
* How many people can say that they’ve sat behind the Communications Minister while she bops along in her seat to a Google-centric (and deliberately cheesy) version of “Ain’t no mountain high enough?” Not many, that’s who…
* Now, back to staring at the wall…

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