Mmm.. shiny new (old) games

Those who know me well know that I’m something of a games collector, and that sometimes it can take me quite some time to track down a specific title. As an example, it took me about three years to track down a copy of The Raiden Project (PSOne), a somewhat uncommon title that I eventually tracked down in a tiny French games shop while I was in Paris — on my honeymoon.
Ultima IV. Behold its aging glory
Y’know, sometimes I wonder what my wife sees in me.
Anyway, I managed another minor milestone this morning, winning an eBay auction for Ultima IV (MS), complete with map, instructions and spell books. It’s quite rare, and pricewise, I did exceptionally well — as long as it turns up, of course.
Sure, it’s an old game — and I’m not exactly lacking in new titles to play, if I’m being totally honest — but it’s pretty much the game that I played throughout 1992. I sold it in 1993 to avoid starvation — ’93 was a bad, bad year for my games collection on this front, as I frequently had to sell stuff to meet bills and eat regularly, something I’m told is important — and I’ve been hunting a copy on and off ever since.

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