Leopardus pardalis pseudopardalis

An Ocelot. Yesterday. Probably.
I want one
Can I have one?
(the answer, by the way, is a resounding no.)






6 responses to “Leopardus pardalis pseudopardalis”

  1. rah Avatar

    i want one too!

  2. Christian Avatar

    Perhaps we should set up a breeding program in Alex’s house, it’s got lots of room.

  3. Di Avatar

    Me three but our current kittens would not be happy with us

  4. Alex Avatar

    Lots of room?
    You haven’t been in our house for a very long time, have you? Even after boxing up all the comics, video tapes and throwing out a whole bunch of stuff, ranging from PC games to doors, we’re still lacking in space. I suggest we breed them in your back yard. Plenty of space, plus the brisk Armidale weather will do them good.

  5. Christian Avatar

    Heck, we’ve never been to your house 🙂
    Our back yard sounds fine. The can play “chase the dog” next door.

  6. Alex Avatar

    And whose fault is that?
    These are hunting animals — they’re more likely to play “excoriate the dog next door” 🙂

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