Just don't look down…

So, what do you do when your house is full of builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, noise, hot glue smells and more noise?
Well, yesterday, I escaped and did the Sydney Skywalk — courtesy, it should be noted of Lexmark, who tied a printer launch into it. I’m beginning to get worried about Lexmark — every time I go to one of their events, I have to sign a waiver absolving them of any culpability in the event of my death. Sign enough of those things, and I have this terrible feeling they’ll become neccessary. Still, so far, so good.
That expression on my face is meant to show aloof confidence, as distinct from what my brain was actually thinking — “Why am I, in fact, standing on a glass platform a couple of hundred metres above Pitt Street Mall? And why is it so incredibly baking hot in this ludicrous blue suit?”
More on the joys of kitchen renovation later. Once I can hear again, probably.






3 responses to “Just don't look down…”

  1. Christian Avatar

    Oooh, kitchen renovations, I feel your pain. You need to post photos of the work in progress. I’ve got a set at home of the kitchen before, during demolition and rebuild, and after. And yesterday I got to take a couple more as our replacement floor went in.

  2. Di Avatar

    We got pics – several of them. Finally you got a new floor.

  3. Christian Avatar

    yup, nice black with light marbling pattern. Pics will appear one day.

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