I've got the moves that really move 'em…

All sorts of random observations from what has been a very weird week. Hang on folks…
(No monies refunded. Hold onto the sides of the ride at all times, unless it catches fire, in which case you’re on your own. Or on fire. Maybe both.)

  • I discovered this week how to overcome my fear of flying, something I normally dread. On the flight back from Brisbane, where I attended the excellent MediaConnect Kickstart forum, I was seated inbetween two very chatty types — one was a shopping centre consultant, the other a consultant who’s also a Commonwealth games shooter. Clearly, as the only non-consultant in the bunch, I should have stood out, but with topics ranging from sports psychology to LCD vs Plasma to Why it’s a good idea to build drainage ditches in monsoonal Queensland, I kept up pretty well. This so totally distracted my brain that I barely registered that the pilot suddenly screeched “All passengers back to their seats NOW!” over the intercom. Given my general reaction to such things, it’s probably a good thing. Still hate getting the middle seat, though.
  • On the subject of the Kickstart Forum, there’s nothing quite like struggling through an interview with Russian Security Software folk in the broad sunshine and three seconds later nearly being swept away by monsoonal rain. Hey, that’s twice I’ve used the word “monsoonal” in this entry. I wonder if I can work it in thrice?
  • Somehow, upon returning home, the kids were cuter. I don’t know how this works, but it’s true.
  • To paraphrase Homer Simpson: “$4.50 for a mineral water? Geddoutahere!”
  • Although theoretically being away from the kids should have ensured I slept better, the reverse was actually true. Not from overindulgence in alcohol, either. Curses!
  • After all these years, I still can’t beat the arcade version of Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins. I’m beginning to suspect that nobody can.
  • I won stuff while I was in Queensland! Hurrah! Now, the router I gave away, and the set top box I’m keeping, but does anyone want a bottle of wine?
  • Weather permitting, tomorrow is tiling and painting day on the new deck. The forecast is for pain.
  • James is still capable of unleashing a monsoonal torrent of drool down any shirt he’s in…
  • That’s three uses of the word “Monsoonal” in this entry! Hurrah!
  • Wait, no, it’s four. Damn — that joke was a lot more amusing in my head.

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