I'm tired…

So, very, very tired…
But late nights watching the soccer at Church will do that to a lad. Thirty people in one room — 29 barracking for Australia, and one sole Uruguayan. Makes a difference when he’s the minister, though.
Not what you could call a “good” match — and I hate any match decided on penalties as a matter of course — but quite an entertaining spectacle. Both sides were more than a touch brutal, and more than a few Oscars should be handed out. At one point, one Uruguayan player took a tumble, groaned with pain (as you do), and then tried a sneeky peek out of his hand to check if the ref was watching. He was — and so was the camera.
I’ve got to admit, the Uruguayan #2 was entertaining — if not for his remarkable resemblance to Ricky Martin, then for his ability to get away with a diving headbutt on the Australian goalie. Like I said — not a quality match, but quite entertaining to watch.
I may be shot for this comment, (and I’d love to be wrong), but look for Australia to go down in screaming flames in Germany next year, especially if we have to play against a country that actually cares about soccer. We might start caring, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

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