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OK, now I see why so many eBay sellers are crabby types. It’s a ton of work, and a barrage of questions, a lot of which you explicitly answer in the auction description itself. I should comment, however, that I did feel bad having to quote shipping prices for 23 Megadrive games to France; if the buyer wanted them quickly, it’d cost him more than $130 to get them shipped there!
Anyway, more classic console genres are going under the hammer today (and there’s STILL MORE to come.) It’s going to be nice having room to swing the kids cats around, and hopefully it’ll happen with not too much seller’s remorse…
17 SNES Games: DBZ, F-Zero, Pilotwings, Raiden & more!
Sega Master System and 37 Games!
A strange point of provenance, brought up in the Master System Auction, is that the Master System I’m putting in there, while rather worn, was once owned by a former editor of GameSpot AU, Ed Dawson. Which means it’s been owned by two-ex GameSpot editors. That’s practically gaming crown jewels, right there 🙂

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