If that's what makes you happy…

We have three all new members of the Kidman family today.
Not that Di’s been hiding a pregnancy, or anything. And given the legs on these little ladies, that would be one uncomfortable labour…

Of course, being proper members of the family, they needed names. And possibly unwisely (especially as, at this stage of their lives, they’re quite similar looking chooks), we allowed Zoe and James to choose two of the three names…

Which is why we now have a chicken called “Fairy”, and another one called “Wiggles”. Oh well. At least I can pretend that Wiggles is a Futurama reference. For the record, the third Chicken — once we’ve sorted out some distinct visual differences — will be called Cerebus, simply so I can have discussions with a chicken in the third person. Plus, like Cerebus, they smell awful when they’re wet…

And their luxurious A-Frame has already seen off a neighbourhood yapper that came sniffing around. Well, that, and me and Di running out shouting at it in traditional Aussie “GEDDOUDOFITGOHOMEYAMANGYDAWG” fashion. Probably more of the latter, now that I think about it. Although the A-Frame did keep them safe…






3 responses to “If that's what makes you happy…”

  1. Christian Avatar

    Heh, Cerebus the Chicken. It has a certain ring to it. You really need to call the others “Sophia” and “Weishaupt”.

  2. Alex Avatar

    Cerebus wants some pellets, and to scrabble around under the trees. Cerebus does not want to be picked up.

  3. Christian Avatar

    You have ten seconds to give Cerebus her pellets and you have already used eight of them.

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