Gonna paint that wagon…

I’ve been spending the day doing something a little different.
Something I promised myself I’d do about six years ago.
That’s right — I’ve undergone a vasectomy using only two bricks and a bottle of Jack Daniels — I’ve started to paint out all of the horrible Mission Brown that coats most of the external wood in our house. Four hours of painting, and most of the front verandah is now a more pleasant leafy green colour. I quite like painting — while the sore muscles and green hair are something of a pain, there’s a feeling of accomplishment as the new colour starts to take over. Still, if any of the thousands of my readers* want to come and help, they’re more than welcome — there’s plenty of Mission Brown to get rid of, y’know.
That hasn’t stopped the electronic presses, however:
Prey (Xbox 360): “Things just start getting interesting — and by interesting, I mean “Tommy gets annoyed and murders some bar patrons with a wrench”…”
* Well, OK, maybe tens of readers. Would you believe multiples?

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