Erratic Observations…

Five things that happened to me to shape my day:
1) I purchased a board game called “Devil Bunny Needs A Ham”. No, really, I did.
2) I had crackers and salami for lunch. Salami is good stuff, although I’m sure it’s quite bad for me.
3) Fifteen minutes before I was due to head out to an afternoon event, Di discovered something that the kids had done whiel (edit: Obviously, this should say ‘while’. Good job I’m not one of those professional word-using… dudes, eh readers?)  she was busy in the kitchen and I was busy working in my office. In this case, it was that they’d found some craft paint. And spread it. All over themselves. And their toys. And the living room carpet.
4) As a result of having to do an emergency carpet clean, I left for my event rather later than I had planned. And with something of a pink hue. So I was somewhat rushed, and only had time to note down the address. As only I could, I got lost on the way. But that’s not the comedy part. The comedy part was that I was going to a launch of GPS devices…
5) There is no point 5. I’m too damn tired. Perhaps that is point 5. Possibly I should request suggestions for a good point 5, to counterbalance the other four. Well, except for point one. I’m still perfectly happy with point one, even if you’re not.

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