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It’s been an interesting week for me, with no doubt. After all, it’s not every week that you snip an umbilical cord, is it? *
Still, some things continue ever onwards, including the tide of the presses. I’ve been published all over the place this week, including two reviews written after Luc’s birth. See if you can work out which ones…
CNET.com.au kicks off this week’s offerings, with two reviews and a how-to guide:
Canon i9950: “Canon’s massive i9950 is an excellent photo printer at multiple sizes, although the asking price for printer, media and inks means it’s not for everybody.”
Mediagate MG350HD: “The Mediagate MG-350HD is an excellent all-in-one home media solution — as long as you’re not timid about installing a hard drive.”
Wireless networking made easy: “There’s a rather persistent myth that computer networking is hard — that unless you’ve spent three or more expensive years at university discovering the mysteries of TCP/IP you shouldn’t even look at a network, let alone think of setting one up…”
Keeping the online motif going strong, 3DAvenue.com also has another of my reviews up:
Mega Man Powered Up: “For the record, you’re clearly some kind of spineless, talentless weasel if you even look at the Easy option. Yeah, I’m talking to you. If you can’t handle the game, just step away, put on the pink dress and head back towards the Barbie dolls…”
And in the world of Print/Web hybrids, I’ve just had a load of my older features pop up on the NetGuide Web Site, particularly in the Buyer’s Guide section, where you’ll find comparative features on mobile phones, digital cameras, all-in-one printers, LCD Monitors and Budget Notebooks.
Netguide August 2006
At the same time, the latest issue — issue 99, August 2006 — is on store shelves now. In terms of my input it features, amongst other things, a comparative review of budget digital handycams for creating home movies, DVD burners to burn them on, as well as standalone reviews of (deep breath in): Quickbooks Accounting Small Business 2006/7, Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4, Microsoft Digital Image Suite Plus, iBurst, Congoo, Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0, Oztion MP4 player, Sony Ericsson v600i, Acer 19″ AL1951 LCD Monitor, Condemned: Criminal Origins, The Da Vinci Code (The Game, not the movie, book, or stuffed soft-toy Tom Hanks promotional tie-in), Dragon Quest: Journey Of The Cursed King, Buzz: The Big Quiz and Singstar Rocks (deep breath out).
That’s quite a bit to get published in one week. I’m starting to get an inkling as to why I’m so bleedin’ tired…
*Unless of course you’re a midwife, obstetrician or serial polygamist with a cord fetish. Then the normal rules don’t apply, and you probably snip cords all day long.

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