Can we hear it? No, we can't!

Another day, another instance of children’s theatre. In this case, it was a Bob The Builder show, something that Zoe had been excited about ever since we did the Playschool show at the local RSL; she’d seen the posters and been pestering on and off ever since.
Leaving aside the parking woes that saw me drop off Di and the kids before getting a park on the other side of the suburb — and there’s nothing like the looks you get as a man in his early 30s seemingly going into a Bob The Builder stage show by yourself — a good time was not, in fact, had by all. Yes, the kids enjoyed it at a simple level, but the Playschool show was far superior.
Now, I’m probably more likely to enjoy a Playschool show than a Bob The Builder one, but leaving script quality aside, the show had one simple problem — audio. Spoken word stuff was too soft for most of the audience to hear properly, and the songs — and this show was basically the Bob The Builder album with words strung around it — sounded like they were being amplified through the corpse of recently deceased hamster. Zoe did have some fun dancing, but even she didn’t know what was going on, and compared to the roars of approval that the whole showroom gave at the Playschool show, there were plenty of periods of pure silence from the befuddled audience.
And now, on with the pics:
The audience waits, expectantly.
The audience waits, expectantly.
They could be Autons up there, and we'd never know....
They could be Autons up there, and we’d never know…
This image deliberately blurred to protect innocent young minds.
This image deliberately blurred to protect innocent young minds.
Pilchard looks on, unimpressed.
Zoe proves that it is in fact possible to dance to no music at all
James busts a funky move
James busts a funky move. Anyone who’s ever seen me dance will confirm that he didn’t get that skill from me.
This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.
Gives new meaning to sweat pants
I wonder how much weight you sweat out in one of those suits?
Wendy storms off the stage after a billing disagreement. Divas are like that.
How stupidly quiet and/or muddy was the audio? Well, Luc fell asleep during the show…

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