A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

Time for a family update, methinks — this isn’t just meant to cover my professional life, after all. After all, there’s an important anniversary coming up…
Y’see, a little under a year ago — February 7th, to be precise — I took over fulltime care of my two children for the first time. Scary stuff, let me tell you. Let’s take stock, shall we?
In just under a year:
* Approximately 500 stories have been told, with a strong propensity towards stories featuring Muppets, Puppies or Bananas.
* I’ve prepared roughly 300 meals, some of which were even edible
* Roughly 3,000,000 gallons of bath water have been splashed all over me during bath time. Oh, wait, it just feels like that
* I’ve only shouted about ten times. That’s per half-hour over the last year, mind you.
A quick stocktake seems appropriate as well:
At 7/2/05
Number of Daddies: 1
Number of Mummies: 1
Number of toddlers: 1
Number of babies: 1
At 27/01/06
Number of Daddies: 1
Number of Mummies: 1
Number of “Big Girls”: 1
Number of toddlers: 1
Number of babies: 0.33
That’s superb capital growth. Why, at this rate, by the year 2525, Kidmans will make up roughly 792% of the world’s population!*
Kidman Junior, staring at its feet. Well, it's not like you can go down the shops in the womb, now is it.. hey! Untapped market!
That also seems like the perfect segue into the latest scan of Kidman Junior. Taken last week as part of a nuchal translucency, they show the latest addition to the clan staring at one of its own feet. There’s a jawline, some nasal features, and we’re assured it has a brain. No idea where it got that one, really.
Current week count is 13 weeks (as of tomorrow); if we can make it through another 22 weeks without problems it’ll beat the records of its older brother and sister — but that seems like such a long time ago.
*Allowing for slight statistical error, and the possibility that I might be making it all up.

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