Village Roadshow pirate hunt, QANTAS Wi-FI in the sky: Vertical Hold – Episode 115

Will Village Roadshow succeed in dragging small-time pirates throught the courts? Will QANTAS’ WiFi Mile High club take off? Can NBN’s SkyMuster satellite service cut the mustard?
This week, Vertical Hold (well, one half of it — the other half is in Barcelona preparing for Mobile World Congress) is joined by special guests editor-in-chief Angus Kidman and technology journalist with The Australian, David Swan.
Vertical Hold is brought to you by Alcatel.

If you prefer everything delivered YouTube style, knock yourself out. Except, you know, don’t. It would hurt when you hit the floor.

Vertical Hold – Australian technology journalists Alex Kidman and Adam Turner channel-surf through the headlines in search of the big picture.
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